Link my Carrefour Bonus Card to my Carrefour Mobile SIM card

To exchange your Bonus points into Carrefour Mobile call credit, you first need to register here.

Mobile data

Configure mobile internet on your smartphone and stay connected wherever you are!

Transfert your number

Carrefour Mobile gives you the possibility to keep your actual number. If you have already a Belgian mobile number, you can freely transfer it to Carrefour Mobile.

Credit please

This service allows you to receive in advance a 1 € call credit. This service cost 0,1 €. This is the ideal ad-hoc credit to finish your call till your next reload.

Useful numbers

You want to know the remaining credit or reload your SIM card? Or simply contact our Customer Service? You’ll find herewith all useful numbers.

Voice Mail

The Carrefour Mobile voice mail is a free service that works like a classic voice responding machine.

Link my Carrefour Bonus Card with my Carrefour Mobile SIM card.

In order to exchange your Bonus points into Carrefour Mobile call credit, you first need to register your Carrefour Bonus Card with your Carrefour Mobile SIM card.

1. Register

Register yourself through the section “My Account” from this website or send an SMS to 1988 to link your Carrefour Bonus Card with your Carrefour Mobile SIM card.
Via SMS, the message must contain following informations:

  • the text BONUS
  • the number of your Carrefour Bonus Card (code with 13 numbers starting with 229)
  • the birth date of the Carrefour Bonus Card holder
  • the ZIP code of the Carrefour Bonus Card holder

Example : BONUS 2291234567890 26031972 1140
(leave a space between each data)

2. Exchange your Points Bonus

You can exchange your Points Bonus by sending an SMS to 1988.
The message must contain the following text:

  • BONUS 5 if you wish to receive 5 € call credit to all operators.
  • BONUS 9 if you wish to receive 60 minutes to all operators.

500 Bonus points = 5 € call credit to all operators or 60 minutes to call to to all operators.
The exchange of Bonus points will be done immediately if you have at least 500 Bonus points.

Find here the General Conditions of the Carrefour Bonus Card.


Bonus points balance

To know your Bonus points balance, send an SMS to 1988 with the following text: POINTS


To make sure your registration is successful, you need to send the correct information (such as the correct zip code, birth date) in the text message to 1988, otherwise your subscription will fail. If you have any doubts about the data that is linked to your Carrefour Bonus Card, you can always contact them for free on 080091011.

You can’t exchange your Bonus points?

This is most probably due to the fact your personal data changed in the Carrefour Bonus Card system but in our Carrefour Mobile system we still have the old ‘false’ data (ex: When you move, your postal code is not accurate anymore in our system). Your personal data needs to be corrected in order to be up-to-date in the 2 systems. Please contact our Customer Service to update your data and be able to again exchange Bonus points.

Mobile data

What can you do thanks to Mobile data on your smartphone?

Check / send / receive your emails, read the news, check the weather forecast, download games, logos, ringtones, watch movies on YouTube, chat on Facebook and Twitter, go to the Carrefour website and your online Carrefour Mobile account and enjoy many useful multimedia services, wherever you are!

What do you need?

A compatible handset with GPRS, EDGE, 3G or 4G

You first need to configure your handset to have access to Mobile data and MMS. You can configure your handset using following methods:

  • Option 1: automatic by inserting again your SIM card in your phone (this method only works for Android devices):
    – You’ll receive a SMS from the number 1992 which informs you that you’ll receive a configuration message.

    – Then you’ll receive the configuration message.

    – Please open and install these configuration messages (one for mobile internet and one for MMS).

    – You’ll receive this confirmation once the configuration has been installed:

    – Confirmation that the APN of mobile internet has been successfully received on your phone:

    – Confirmation that the APN of MMS has been successfully received on your phone:

When you’ll now go to the APN settings of your phone, you’ll see that the settings have been automatically configured. You are now ready to surf with your phone!

  • Option 2: Click here to configure your handset automatically.
  • Option 3: You can also configure the parameters manually. You’ll find these parameters at the right bottom of this page in the green box.

You can as well receive these parameters via sms by sending DATA to 1988.

How much does it cost?
  • 0,24 € /MMS (1 MMS = maximum 300 KB)
  • 0,24 € /MB (tarification per 1 KB)

Receiving an MMS is always free.
Consulting the websites of Carrefour and Carrefour Mobile is as well free.

You need more data?

Activate one of our data bundles.

Pay attention for certain handsets:

  • If you have an “APPLE iPhone” handset, the automatic configuration through our website will not work. You’ll need to insert the parameters manually.
  • If you have “Blackberry” handset, note it will not be possible to configure it with our services as this handset requires a specific subscription to access Mobile data and MMS.

The parameters to configure Mobile data and MMS

Parameters to configure Mobile data on your smartphone:
  • APN:
  • Username: carrefour
  • Password: carrefour

You don’t need to insert parameters for DNS or proxy.

For Android you’ll also need to enter the below fields in the settings of your handset:

  • For MCC (Mobile Country Code): 206
  • For MNC (Mobile Network Code): 20.
  • For the authentification mode: select PAP.
  • Choose type of Access point:
    • If this field pops up you’ll need to enter: default,supl and press OK.
    • If this field doesn’t pop up up then select Internet and press OK.

You don’t need to insert parameters for DNS or proxy.

You can also receive the parameters via sms by sending DATA to 1988

Parameters to configure MMS:
  • APN:
  • MMSC:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: carrefour
  • Password: carrefour

You don’t need to insert parameters for DNS or proxy.

Transfer your number

Carrefour Mobile gives you the possibility to keep your mobile number for free.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a subscription or a prepaid phone number. If you have a subscription, don’t forget to check your current operator’s terms and conditions.


To transfer your existing number, it’s very easy: you complete the form by selecting “I want to order a new Carrefour Mobile SIM card and transferring my actual number from another operator”.
Once your order is submitted, it will be treated rapidly. You’ll be informed by Email as soon as the transfer of the number will be completed.

Good to know:

– The transfer takes on average 1 to 2 working days. During this period, we recommend you to use your remaining call credit from your current SIM card (we can only transfer you number, not your remaining call credit).
– When you won’t have network anymore on the SIM card of your current operator, it means that the transfer has been completed. Your phone number is then correctly transferred to your Carrefour Mobile SIM card. As from that moment, you can replace that old SIM card by the Carrefour Mobile SIM card.
– Once your handset open, you’ll be connected to the Carrefour Mobile network.

Credit please

The “Credit Please” service is an unique service offered by Carrefour Mobile. It allows customers to receive € 1 call credit in advance until their next reload. This service is charged € 0,1. This is the perfect solution for making one last important conversation before making a top up.

Who can use this service?

For all Carrefour Mobile customers, provided they do not have enough money to send at least one SMS message.

  • Send an SMS with the following text: credit please to the free number 1988
  • You’ll receive a message confirming the 1 € credit top up.
  • At your next top up, an amount of 1,1 € (1 € given credit + 0,1 € cost) will be deduced from your total balance.

Good to know:

The credit please service can only be used once per made top up.



Useful numbers

Access and manage your services:

You wish to know the remaining balance of your SIM card, top up your SIM card, change your preferred language … Call our free number 1988 in Belgium or the +32486191988 (at the standard roaming price) from abroad.
You can also simply send an SMS to our free number 1988.

Access your Voice Mail:

In Belgium, call the free number 1987.
From abroad, call the +32486191987 at the standard roaming price. 

Contact ou customer service:

If you have questions, you can reach one of our agents every weekday from 8AM to 8PM by calling the 1989 with your mobile or the +32486191989 from any other phone.

You can contact us as well via following “contact form“.

Voice mail

Your voicemail operates like a traditional answering machine.

Listen to your messages in Belgium
  • You will receive an SMS message each time someone leaves a new message on your voice mail.
  • To listen to your messages, call our free number 1987 using your phone.
Listen to your messages from abroad
  • If you are abroad, call the +32486191987 (call billed at the normal rate for a call in “roaming”).