Register your SIM – Our 3 methods

Identification: By Belgian e-ID card

– Identify yourself with your Belgian e-ID card (you need an e-ID card reader)
– Your SIM will be immediately registered


Identification: By online reload

– Identify yourself by doing an online reload (please DO NOT register with a smartphone or tablet but with a regular computer).
– It’s very simple: just reload your SIM-card with Bancontact, Visa, MasterCard or Paypal.
– And you’ll be identified through the bank transaction.
– Your SIM will be immediately registered and ready for use.

Identification: With existing Carrefour Mobile number

You purchased a new number and you have already a registered Carrefour Mobile ?
Register this new number with the help of your existing Carrefour Mobile number. This new SIM card will therefore be registered under your name.

What do you need to do ?
– Sent an SMS to 1988 through your existing Carrefour Mobile number with the following text message:

1. The word « IDENT » in capital letters
2. Followed by a space and the « new mobile number » you wish to register.

Example: “IDENT 0486123456
This method only works with an existing Carrefour Mobile number

– Your new SIM card will be directly registered and ready for use.

New legislation for prepaid cards

The Federal Government has approved a measure aimed at removing the anonymity of prepaid calling cards. Carrefour, in consultation with the major Belgian telecom operators, fully supports this safety measure.

Why? Lifting the anonymity of prepaid calling cards is part of a series of antiterrorist measures. By doing so, intelligence agencies and safety services will be able to quickly identify users of prepaid calling cards.

What has changed? Since 17/12/2016, your new prepaid card gets only activated after your identification. The new cards are (of course) readily available at your local Carrefour store and can be easily activated on our website.