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Decreasing Tariff

Discover our Decreasing Tariff

With our brand new decreasing tariff you can now enjoy calls at just 0.10€/min towards all networks, 24h/7! Find out how:

  • The decreasing tariff formula gives you the option to make cheaper phone calls in just 1 easy step. Simply activate the offer and you will benefit directly from the decreasing tariff.
  • How does it work? In order to activate the offer all you need to do is send an SMS message to the free number 1988 with the following content : 10CENT
  • Once your request is registered, we will immediately change your tariff to 0.14 €/min. After 30 mins worth of calls, it decreases to 0.12€/min and finally after 60 mins worth of calls it decreases further to 0.10 €/min.
  • Between your 61st and your 600th minute of talk time, you will be calling at a rate of just 0.10 €/min to all networks in Belgium.
  • Who can you call? The decreasing tariff formula lets you take advantage of the cheaper calls towards all networks in Belgium, 24/7 (excluding special numbers) !
  • What does this service cost? At the moment of activation, we’ll take just 1 € from your call credit balance.
  • How long can you benefit from this formula? Each 31 days the formula renews itself automatically at a cost of just 1 € per renewal.
  • What happens if you used up your total of 600 minutes? Your calls will be billed once again at our normal tariff of 0.15 €/min. Don’t forget that you’ll benefit once again from the decreasing tariff formula in no time, thanks to its automatic renewal!
  • Should you wish to stop this service for whatever reason, simply send an SMS to 1988, free of charge with the content : STOP 10CENT. The formula will automatically stop after 30 days starting your activation date.
  • You would like to reactivate the decreasing tariff after a deactivation? Nothing is easier. After 31 days of your original activation date, you are free to follow the same process as you did. Simply send the SMS, free of charge, to 1988 with the content : 10CENT.
  • Who can benefit from this formula? All Carrefour Mobile customers are eligible to subscribe themselves to the decreasing tariff formula, except clients who already benefit from an ongoing promotion that allows calling at a diminished rate. A full overview of this is just below.

Good to know

Keep in mind that you don’t have to talk continuously for 30 minutes each time for your tariff to decrease. We keep count of your total call minutes. In other words, you are free to make as many phone calls as you want in order to reach a diminished tariff.


Customers who already benefit from the following promotions cannot activate the decreasing tariff formula: calling towards one Carrefour Mobile number at 0.01€/min, up to 3 numbers at 0.06 €/min, who benefit from the 200 free minutes promotion or who call all networks at 0.02€ /min after the 3rd min of calls.


Each time your tariff decreases, Carrefour Mobile will send you a notification in the form of a free of charge SMS.

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