Carrefour Mobile

The starter kit

The starter kit is available in all Carrefour shops. The starter kit costs 10 € and includes a reload code of 10 € call credit on your cash ticket. Do NOT throw your cash ticket away!

The starter kit contains:

The freedom of a prepaid plan which offers excellent services and great value for money!

  • A sim card which you will need to insert into your phone so that you can connect to the Carrefour Mobile network
  • A transfer form (if you want to keep your existing phone number).

Micro and Nano sim cards

We have 3 different types of sim cards:

  • normal sim card
  • micro sim card
  • nano sim card

The micro and nano sim cards are required for some smartphones.


The card which is available in the starter kit is a normal sim card. This one is for free. If you need a micro or a nano sim card you can request one for free.


If you need a new sim card (normal, micro or nano) and if you wish to keep your existing phone number you will be charged 5 €.

This is in case you lost your phone or sim card, when your phone or sim card is stolen, when your sim card is broken or when you bought a new mobile phone which requires a micro or nano sim card.

How to order a micro or nano sim card?

Do you want to order your micro or nano sim card? Call our Customer Service on 0486 19 19 89 (from Monday until Friday, 08h00 - 20h00). You can also call 1989 for free from your Carrefour Mobile number.

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